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Age Preventing Night Cream


Age Preventing Night Cream


Country of Origin:
Made in Switzerland
  • Qamaré’s anti-ageing expertise in a plumping product for beauty regeneration.

    Enriched with pure Swiss glacier water, the Night Cream supports skin regeneration at night when cell repair is at its optimum. Its rich, melt-in texture boosts night-time mechanisms for effective cell repair. Combined with extracts of Argan, Shea and Hyaluronic Acid, the beauty Q-Cell MDA™ formula releases its moisturising, anti-free radical and structuring power during the night, thereby slowing down the ageing process. In the morning, skin is replumped and regenerated. Night after night, wrinkles and fine lines are erased, for skin that is soft, smooth and dazzling.

    Formula enriched with pure Swiss glacier water. Contains 17 natural active ingredients

  • Contains 17 natural active ingredients

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