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Anti-aging Skin Care Travel Kit

PHB Ethical Beauty

Anti-aging Skin Care Travel Kit


Country of Origin:
Made in the UK
  • PHB Anti-aging Travel Kit are handcrafted using the most effective age defying ingredients nature has to offer to provide firmer, brighter, more youthful looking skin. Naturally active ingredients support healthy skin renewal, restore radiance and deliver essential nutrients and fatty acids that are depleted from skin naturally with age. With rich botanical oils that support collagen and elastin production to help skin maintain a youthful appearance. Specialised care to help skin remain bright, supple and resist the effects of time.

    Set includes: Anti-aging Cleanser, Anti-aging Tonic, Anti-aging Serum, Anti-aging Moisturiser
    Sizes = 15ML, 15ML, 15ML, 15ML

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